Spanish-English bilinguals study

bilingual(Paid!!) volunteer opportunity for Spanish-English bilinguals

Would you and/or people you know like to earn some extra money while contributing to research on bilingualism and Spanish in the United States? Spanish-English bilingual volunteers are currently being sought to participate in a research study. Qualified participants must be native speakers of Spanish who grew up in the U.S. or a Spanish-speaking country and whose current English proficiency is anywhere between intermediate and native-speaker levels. We are particularly interested in finding bilingual individuals in their 20s and in their 40s/50s (older if possible!) who have a range of educational experience.

The study will be conducted between August and November 2011. Participation involves two sessions of no more than two and a half hours each (total time is about 4.5 hours). Sessions may be scheduled at volunteers’ convenience and will on the UW-Madison campus

$50 is offered in exchange for completing the study.

If you are interested in volunteering or may be able to put me in touch with potential volunteers, please contact Nancy Dominguez via email at or (773)954-3525 . Thank you!

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