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Stateline Literacy Council-Chili Cook-Off

Title: Stateline Literacy Council-Chili Cook-Off Location: La Casa Grande, 618 Fourth St, Beloit, WI Description: Chili Cook-Off contest, DJ & Dancing. Proceeds help support Stateline Literacy Council Fee: $7.00 per person Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm Date: Friday January 28, 2011 [pdf-ppt-viewer href=”” width=”500px” height=”640px”]

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New Travel Regulations to Cuba

Here’s what we understand new travel regulations will do (check out our blog on next week for specifics and/or revisions): Expand purposeful travel by providing general licenses for religious, educational/academic, and cultural travel to Cuba; Provide specific licenses for people-to-people travel similar to the licenses that were provided from 1999-2003; Allow for non-family remittances […]

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What It Means To Have “Secure Communities” Implemented In All Counties In Wisconsin

(This information has been provided by “Inmigracion con Durrani” ) We recently reported that on Tuesday January 11, 2010, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, signed a memorandum of understanding with Department of Homeland Security (“D.H.S.”) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“I.C.E.”) to implement the “Secure Communities” program. As we outlined in our original report, only individuals who […]

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Interactive Spanish Class

Register by January 28! Interactive Spanish Class Literacy Network is offering an interactive and engaging Spanish class designed for conversation. Learn Spanish in a fun and informal setting! Practice your Spanish with native speakers! We practice the immersion method and Total Physical Response to mimic the way you learned your first language – through listening and […]

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(This is from VOCES DE LAS FRONTERAS) Respondiendo a inquíetudes en la comúnidad Latina sobre la nueva ley de “comúnidades seguras” que se implementó alrededor de Wisconsin, Voces de la Frontera le gustaría clarificar exactamente lo que ésta nueva ley significa para los ínmigrantes de Wisconsin. Aúnque permite mas colaboración entre la policía estatál y […]

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